The Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion Podcast

How to Become Masterful With Your Time

March 24, 2023 Blaze Schwaller Season 3 Episode 12
The Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion Podcast
How to Become Masterful With Your Time
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Show Notes

Being masterful with our time doesn’t happen without planning and deliberate actions. We must plan for what we want to happen, and we have to make space for what we want to happen.

We think about the actions we need to take and the resources, but we fail to consider the space we need to allow our dreams to grow, to become real, and to become our truth.

Getting to know what’s truly important to you and connecting with your values is central to not only manifesting your dreams but creating a life experience that you enjoy.

We must decide which of our many ideas is the most important. We all have a difficult time deciding! But if we stick with one idea long enough, spend some time with it, ask it what it needs, and then give it the space and resources it needs to grow – it can bloom!

To truly live a life where you’ve mastered your time, you need to start with creating space. You have to deliberately create blocks of time that are open, so that you can let your ideas grow into them. You need space to catch up on the backlog of crap that was forgotten last week, space to fill back up your tank with creative action, space to connect with loved ones and to get inspired. And you need space to have the option to follow through and act on your next great idea.

Without leaving space for all of this, none of it can happen. So it’s one of those paradoxes that in order to get a lot done, you need to leave space – emptiness – for it to manifest.

Being masterful with your time means being deliberate about what you make time for. It means being ruthless with what you release yourself from. It takes courage. And it is so worth it!

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